Results of Int. photographic exhibition "CONTRAST 2015"

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On the INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SALON CONTRAST 2015, the organizing committee counted 5251 arrived photos from 279 authors from... 

57 countries. All received photos are fabulous with special cultural characteristics that makes our photo contest step up to a higher level of artistic quality. We very much appreciate all photographers. The judging of INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SALON CONTRAST 2015 is now finished.

The judges Dragan Prole, Zoran Djordjevic and Vladimir Jovanovski, that had very hard job, decided to accept 235 photographs in section CONTRAST, 296 photographs in section COLOR, 303 photographs in section MONOCHROME, 248 photographs in section TRAVEL, 281 photographs in section NATURE and in section PHOTOJOURNALISM 274 photographs were accepted. The acceptance list can be found on the following link: Acceptances Acceptances and the report cards for each author can be found on following link:


Following are the awarded authors:


PSA Gold Medal: Anton Tratnik - Slovenia - View from above
PSA Silver Medal: Dao Tien Dat - VietNam - SOLITARY No 2
PSA Bronze Medal: Miljenko Marotti - Croatia - On the edge
PSA HM Ribbon: Viesturs  Links - Latvia - TWO MODELS IN BLACK
PSA HM Ribbon: abdulrahman alterkait - Kuwait - Friends
PSA HM Ribbon: Aida Redepagi - Bosnia And Herzegovina - Free Running
IAAP Gold Medal: Ron Tear - United Kingdom - Escape
IAAP Silver Medal: Kosta Dupcinov - Macedonia - Choices
IAAP Bronze Medal: Anatolie Poiata - Moldavia - Antithesis
IAAP HM Ribbon: derwood pamphilon pamphilon - United Kingdom - Trapped
IAAP HM Ribbon: MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan - Bangladesh - Freedom
IAAP HM Ribbon: Man-kui, Wisely Ng - Hong Kong - Working 2
UPI Gold Medal: XINXIN CHEN - China - walk on stilts
UPI HM Ribbon: Stuart Chape - Samoa - Boat harbour
UPI HM Ribbon: Bernd Mai - Germany - Windows and Stairs
UPI HM Ribbon: Paunas Nicoleta-Cristina - Romania - Home Alone
PCI Gold medal: Derek Gale - United Kingdom - Zoe Double portrait with shadow
PCI Silver medal: Xiaoxi Liao - China - Grandma And Grandson
PCI Bronze medal: Jesus M. Garcia - Spain - White Stairs


PSA Gold Medal: joao Taborda - Portugal - The Blue Bar
PSA Silver Medal: Aida Redepagi - Bosnia And Herzegovina - Parkour
PSA Bronze Medal: said  alalawi - Oman - Challenge
PSA HM Ribbon: HUZHONG CAI CAI - USA - Crazy Horses Racing
PSA HM Ribbon: Kam Chiu Tam - Canada - Horse in air
PSA HM Ribbon: dacai xie - China - Mystery Net
IAAP Gold Medal: Xiaoxi Liao - China - Camels
IAAP HM Ribbon: Oleg Grachev - Russia - IRreal world. Velvet hills
IAAP HM Ribbon: Martin Cooper - England - Small World
IAAP HM Ribbon: Daniel LYBAERT - Netherlands - Winters tafereel
UPI Gold Medal: Zhiping Qi - China - ranch 
UPI Silver Medal: Shengrong Li - China - Red cheek
UPI Bronze Medal: David Poey-Cher Tay - Singapore - Full load
UPI HM Ribbon: Mary Miller  - USA - Bay Bridge View
UPI HM Ribbon: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Reine Norway
UPI HM Ribbon: Milorad Kascelan - Bosnia And Herzegovina - Better this than that way 2
PCI Gold medal: Francis King - Canada - Fire Dragon Parade
PCI Silver medal: Hussam Alabdullatif - Saudi Arabia - Darkness
PCI Bronze medal: Xiangli Zhang - China - Purity of the world


PSA Gold Medal: Igor Debevec - Slovenia - Family
PSA Silver Medal: Lajos Nagy - Romania - Running with the wind
PSA Bronze Medal: Boris Godnic - Slovenia - winter graphic 5
PSA HM Ribbon: MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan - Bangladesh - Mr. Gonesh
PSA HM Ribbon: Dao Tien Dat - VietNam - THE SILKS OF CANDY
PSA HM Ribbon: Nenad  Radovic - Bosnia And Herzegovina - Marija
IAAP Gold Medal: OLE Suszkiewicz - Denmark - The Terrorist
IAAP HM Ribbon: Sio Hong Fong - Macau - Cast Net in the Morning
IAAP HM Ribbon: Daniel LYBAERT - Netherlands - Omheinde boom
IAAP HM Ribbon: Yijun Xia - China - Static and dynamic
UPI Gold Medal: Jesus M. Garcia - Spain - Chrysler Building
UPI HM Ribbon: nguyen  vu phuoc - VietNam - Childhood time 
UPI HM Ribbon: Viesturs  Links - Latvia - MOST LOWEST NOTE
UPI HM Ribbon: Max van Son - Netherlands - Distortion
PCI Gold medal: Bernd Mai - Germany - walk this way
PCI Silver medal: Andy Polakowski - United Kingdom - Travelling Hopefully
PCI Bronze medal: derwood pamphilon pamphilon - United Kingdom - Synergy


PSA Gold Medal: Fuyang Zhou - China - Left-behind old people
PSA Silver Medal: Anton Tratnik - Slovenia - Lady s suitcase
PSA Bronze Medal: Mohammed Al Sulaili - Saudi Arabia - School
PSA HM Ribbon: Anatolie Poiata - Moldavia - On the way to the market
PSA HM Ribbon: David Poey-Cher Tay - Singapore - Incense offering
PSA HM Ribbon: Manfred Kluger - Germany - meditative-1
IAAP Gold Medal: HONGYING WENG - China - Sutdy in Brick Factory
IAAP HM Ribbon: Yi  Wan - China - Jehiel
IAAP HM Ribbon: Max van Son - Netherlands - Vondelpark Visitors 2
IAAP HM Ribbon: Xiaoxi Liao - China - Scrambling for A Sheep
UPI Gold Medal: Stuart Chape - Samoa - Rock swimming pool
UPI HM Ribbon: Habib Alzadjali - Oman - Three Windows
UPI HM Ribbon: Nina Sovdat - Slovenia – In between
UPI HM Ribbon: Adrian Moore - England - little oak
PCI Gold medal: saleh dashti - Kuwait - bull jamping
PCI Silver medal: Jesper Anhede - Sweden - Swim with the fishes
PCI Bronze medal: Joseph Tam - Australia - Lets Go Girls 


PSA Gold Medal: Ron Tear - United Kingdom - Explosive Glacier and Kittywakes
PSA Silver Medal: Yanqing Zhang - China - Fly
PSA Bronze Medal: Kris  Smith - USA - Fall In The Swamp
PSA HM Ribbon: Jose Ramos - Portugal - Colossus
PSA HM Ribbon: Francis King - Canada - Flamingos Taking Off 101
PSA HM Ribbon: Anton Tratnik - Slovenia - Krn
IAAP Gold Medal: Roger Borgelid - Sweden - Solitaire
IAAP HM Ribbon: Ilan Wittenberg - New Zealand - The Willow Tree
IAAP HM Ribbon: Shuanzhu  Han - China - Leaping flames
IAAP HM Ribbon: Nirmalya Bhattacharya Bhattacharya - India - CHALLENGE
UPI Gold Medal: Anton Landes - Germany - hall
UPI HM Ribbon: Muyang Zhou - China - Life anthem
UPI HM Ribbon: Phillip Kwan - Canada - Bald Eagle Catching Fish
UPI HM Ribbon: Koon Nam CHEUNG - Hong Kong - Eagle Lost the Fish
PCI Gold medal: Stuart Chape - Samoa - Vavau 2
PCI Silver medal: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Laguna Colorada Bolivia
PCI Bronze medal: Van Echelpoel Rene - Belgium - Jonge Vuurlibel


PSA Gold Medal: nguyen  vu phuoc - VietNam - After the war 
PSA Silver Medal: Heiko Roemisch - Germany - no catching 3905
PSA Bronze Medal: Kai Lon Tang - Macau - Escape
PSA HM Ribbon: Dequick  Luc - Belgium - Jump 1018
PSA HM Ribbon: Hon-Kwong Lee - Hong Kong - Sunrise with wet playing
PSA HM Ribbon: Livinus Bleyen - Belgium - Fire Eater
IAAP Gold Medal: Zee Kek HENG - Singapore - Porter
IAAP HM Ribbon: John coumbias - South Africa - in the fire
IAAP HM Ribbon: Kheng Yong Teoh - Malaysia - Bull Racing
IAAP HM Ribbon: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Pakistani market
UPI Gold Medal: Alexander Vedernikov  - Russia - Horizontal bar
UPI HM Ribbon: Vitaliy Novikov - Russia - Weekdays Kola Saami
UPI HM Ribbon: Pedro Luis  Ajuriaguerra Saiz - Spain - Mimetismo urbano
UPI HM Ribbon: Ilan Wittenberg - New Zealand - The Fish Merchant
PCI Gold medal: abdulrahman alterkait - Kuwait - recovery room
PCI Silver medal: MAHFUZUL HASAN RANA - Bangladesh - THE SWEEPER
PCI Bronze medal: Dmitry Chastikov - Russia - They fought for us


  1. CONTRAST: Anton Tratnik - Slovenia 
  2. OPEN COLOR: Daniel Lybaert - Netherlands 
  3. OPEN MONOCHROME: Viestrus Links - Latvia 
  4. TRAVEL: Anatolie Poiata - Moldavia 
  5. NATURE: Stuart Chape - Samoa 
  6. PHOTOJOURNALISM: Kosta Dupcinov - Macedonia
Anton Tratnik - Slovenia
PSA Gold
2 XINXIN CHEN - China UPI Gold 83
3 Dao Tien Dat - Vietnam PSA Silver 81
Daniel Lybaert - Netherlands
IAAP HM Ribbon
2 Yury Pustovoy - Russia UPI HM Ribbon 85
3 Hussam Alabdullatif - Saudi Arabia PCI Silver medal 84
Viesturs Links - Latvia
UPI HM Ribbon
2 Daniel Lybaert - Netherlands IAAP HM Ribbon 84
3 Jesus M. Garcia - Spain UPI Gold Medal 83
Anatolie Poiata - Moldavia
PSA HM Ribbon
2 Anton Tratnik - Slovenia PSA Silver Medal 87
3 Jesus M. Garcia - Spain   86
Stuart Chape - Samoa
PCI Gold medal
2 Yury Pustovoy - Russia PCI Silver medal 85
3 Man-kui, Wisely Ng - Hong Kong   84
Kosta Dupcinov - Macedonia
2 Viestrus Links - Latvia   88
3 abdulrahman alterkait - Kuwait PCI Gold medal 86


Fotografije su autorsko djelo. Autor zadrzava sva prava. Nije dozvoljena upotreba fotografija i video materijala bez saglasnosti i dozvole autora. 

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