Results of Int. photographic exhibition "INFINITY 2015"

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On the INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SALON INFINITY 2015, the organizing committee counted 3781 arrived photos from 202 authors from... 

54 countries. All received photos are fabulous with special cultural characteristics that makes our photo contest step up to a higher level of artistic quality. We very much appreciate all photographers. The judging of INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SALON INFINITY 2015 is now finished.

The judges Dragoslav Mirkovic, Sinisa Skenderija and Vladimir Jovanovski, that had very hard job, decided to accept 188 photographs in section PORTRAIT, 296 photographs in section COLOR, 264 photographs in section MONOCHROME, 233 photographs in section TRAVEL, 205 photographs in section NATURE and in section PHOTOJOURNALISM 198 photographs were accepted. The acceptance list can be found on the following link: Acceptances Acceptances and the report cards for each author can be found on following link:


Following are the awarded authors:


PSA Gold Medal: Hong Li - China - Grandpas love
PSA Silver Medal: Danny Yen Sin Wong - Malaysia - Hard Labor
PSA Bronze Medal: Ahmed Ginawi - United Arab Emirates - Reveal White
PSA Honorable Mention: Kam Chiu Tam - Canada - Yunnan girl
PSA Honorable Mention: Achim Koepf - Germany - Kiki #17
PSA Honorable Mention: LINQIU HUANG - China - strong girl
UPI Gold Medal: JIANQIANG CHEN - China - dream of childhood
UPI Ribbon: Omar Alsorory - Yemen - A4_with grandma
UPI Ribbon: Zee kek HENG - Singapore - Lina with golden net
IAAP Ribbon: ARUN MOHANRAJ - United Kingdom - Lost
SALON Gold Medal: Mamdooh Alsaleh - Bahrain - Turmi
SALON Silver Medal: Xiaoxi Liao - China - Morning In Village
SALON Bronze Medal: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Surma tribe Ethiopia


PSA Gold Medal: Xiaoqi Zhang - China - Way home
PSA Silver Medal: Yau Ming Charles HO - Hong Kong - Nettings 2
PSA Bronze Medal: Jinghui Chen - China - THE CHILD NO.1
PSA Honorable Mention: Hong Li - China - Village barbershop
PSA Honorable Mention: RENYONG ZHUO - China - Tibetan girls
PSA Honorable Mention: Kheng Yong Teoh - Malaysia - Playing At Seaside
UPI Gold Medal: Aleksander Cufar - Slovenia - W_700
UPI Ribbon: Wenyuan Li - USA - Wheat Field
UPI Ribbon: Manfred Kluger - Germany - primaballerina-3
IAAP Gold Medal: Marco Garabello - Italy - Pas de Troi
IAAP Silver Medal: Dmitry Chastikov - Russia - In a school-yard
IAAP Bronze Medal: Xiangli Zhang - China - Mother
IAAP Ribbon: Leonid Goldin - Israel - Football for Girls
SALON Gold Medal: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Waterfalls of Iceland
SALON Silver Medal: Dacai Xie - China - fight
SALON Bronze Medal: ZHAOHAO GU - China - good buddy


PSA Gold Medal: Daniel LYBAERT - Netherlands - Isendica Experiment 2
PSA Silver Medal: Hong Li - China - Stare
PSA Bronze Medal: Habib Alzadjali - Oman - Hands N Faces
PSA Honorable Mention: Dimitar Risteski - Macedonia - B2014
PSA Honorable Mention: Aleksandar Dragisevski - Macedonia - Cooking fish for Easter
PSA Honorable Mention: Joao Taborda - Portugal - Learning
UPI Gold Medal: S.Baqer Alkamel - Bahrain - Shadow and light
UPI Ribbon: ZHAOHAO GU - China - my home
UPI Ribbon: Przemysław Niepokój-Hepnar - Poland - Heritage
IAAP Ribbon: Joseph Tam - Australia - Have No Fear Mono
SALON Gold Medal: ARUN MOHANRAJ - United Kingdom - Land of the flying dead
SALON Silver Medal: Chan Seng Tang - Macau - Memory
SALON Bronze Medal: Low Poh Ai - Singapore - Baby boy


PSA Gold Medal: JIANXUN WU - China - walk in stilts
PSA Silver Medal: SREERANJ SREEDHAR - United Arab Emirates - Different Paths
PSA Bronze Medal: John Coumbias - South Africa - highlands family
PSA Honorable Mention: Jinghui Chen - China - ISLAND MIST NO.1
PSA Honorable Mention: Vibeke Seldal - Norway - The railway station
PSA Honorable Mention: Avishek Das - India - Colourful Walk
UPI Gold Medal: Phillip Kwan - Canada - Inca Woman at Machu Picchu
UPI Ribbon: Marco Garabello - Italy - Jump
UPI Ribbon: Yau Ming Charles HO - Hong Kong - Across the muddy water
IAAP Ribbon: Dacai Xie - China - Antarctic glacier
SALON Gold Medal: Sio Hong Fong - Macau - Li River Boat Crossing
SALON Silver Medal: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Winter morning in Kashmir
SALON Bronze Medal: JIANQIANG CHEN - China - swimming freely


PSA Gold Medal: Phillip Kwan - Canada - Bear Swim with Salmon
PSA Silver Medal: gunther riehle - Germany - chubby twinkle
PSA Bronze Medal: Sio Hong Fong - Macau - A Pair of Greater Flamingo
PSA Honorable Mention: Marc Anagnostidis - France - Agrion Jouvencelle
PSA Honorable Mention: Rene Van Echelpoel - Belgium - Brentis Daphne
PSA Honorable Mention: ARUN MOHANRAJ - United Kingdom - Wildebeests migration Kenya
UPI Gold Medal: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Before the thunderstorm
UPI Ribbon: PENG QIU - China - growth
UPI Ribbon: JIANQIANG CHEN - China - the calling of original
IAAP Ribbon: Dany Chan - Canada - Flamingos In Flight
SALON Gold Medal: Daniel LYBAERT - Netherlands - Gierenkop in ZwW
SALON Silver Medal: Man-kui, Wisely Ng - Hong Kong - Snow monkeys
SALON Bronze Medal: Xiaoxi Liao - China - Lions


PSA Gold Medal: Kam Chiu Tam - Canada - Battling the wave
PSA Silver Medal: JIANQIANG CHEN - China - washing
PSA Bronze Medal: Mamdooh Alsaleh - Bahrain - Highland
PSA Honorable Mention: Gerhard Boehm - Germany - Ramstein
PSA Honorable Mention: Luc Doms - Belgium - Two Dogs
PSA Honorable Mention: Danny Yen Sin Wong - Malaysia - Burning
UPI Gold Medal: Hong Li - China - Village Class
UPI Ribbon: Jacky Panhuyzen - Belgium - Morning Shave
UPI Ribbon: Joao Taborda - Portugal - My Straw Hat
IAAP Ribbon: Livinus Bleyen - Belgium - Memorial Day 2
SALON Gold Medal: PENG QIU - China - happy memory in the yard
SALON Silver Medal: Avishek Das - India - Faith of Life
SALON Bronze Medal: Vitaliy Podgurchenko - Russia - generation
IAAP Ribbon: Dmitry Chastikov - Russia - Street meeting


Fotografije su autorsko djelo. Autor zadrzava sva prava. Nije dozvoljena upotreba fotografija i video materijala bez saglasnosti i dozvole autora. 

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