Results of Grand Photo Salon BOSNIA 2015

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On the GRAND PHOTO SALON BOSNIA 2015, the organizing committee counted 3173 arrived photos from 173 authors from... 

54 countries. All received photos are fabulous with special cultural characteristics that makes our photo contest step up to a higher level of artistic quality. We very much appreciate all photographers. The judging of GRAND PHOTO SALON BOSNIA 2015 is now finished.

The judges Mirsad Mujanovic, Sinisa Skenderija and Vladimir Jovanovski, that had very hard job, decided to accept 150 photographs in section LANDSCAPE, 192 photographs in section COLOR, 169 photographs in section MONOCHROME, 159 photographs in section TRAVEL, 178 photographs in section NATURE and in section PHOTOJOURNALISM 139 photographs were accepted. The acceptance list can be found on the following link: Acceptances Acceptances and the report cards for each author can be found on following link:

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Following are the awarded authors:


PSA Gold Medal: Jesus M. Garcia - Spain - Blue Diamonds
PSA Silver Medal: Rosalie Wang - USA - Night Sky at Spitzkoppe
PSA Bronze Medal: Wenyuan Li - USA - New York Night Lights
PSA Honorable Mention: MAN YU, ALEX FUNG - Hong Kong - Yellow fields
PSA Honorable Mention: Igor Debevec - Slovenia - Black church
PSA Honorable Mention: Hussam Alabdullatif - Saudi Arabia - Sand and shadows
UPI Gold Medal: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Before the thunderstorm
UPI Ribbon: Andy Polakowski - Wales - Perch RockLighthouse
UPI Ribbon: Milorad Kascelan - Bosnia And Herzegovina - Shepherd 07
IAAP Ribbon: Istvan Virag - Serbia - Durmitor100
SALON Gold Medal: YONGAN GAN - China - Meadow
SALON Silver Medal: Livinus Bleyen - Belgium - Krimml Falls
SALON Bronze Medal: Daniel LYBAERT - Netherlands - Glooiend landschap


PSA Gold Medal: Manfred Kluger - Germany - a noble pallor-1
PSA Silver Medal: Jesus M. Garcia - Spain - White Stairs
PSA Bronze Medal: Lakatos Krisztian - Hungary - reincarnation
PSA Honorable Mention: Almando Reggio - Italy - Balance beam
PSA Honorable Mention: Viesturs Links - Latvia - NOW YOU BELIEVE ME DEAR
PSA Honorable Mention: Chun Yip Chau - Hong Kong - In the Fishing Pond
UPI Gold Medal: Ole Suszkiewicz - Denmark - Like a Painting
UPI Ribbon: YONGAN GAN - China - Rickshaw
UPI Ribbon: David Poey Cher TAY - Singapore - Elderly worker
IAAP Gold Medal: Dao Tien Dat - VietNam - DEEPLY WORRY No 2
IAAP Silver Medal: Seng Huat Phua - Malaysia - DEER IN FREE
IAAP Bronze Medal: Avishek Das - India - Faith of Life
IAAP Ribbon: mishal alrayhan - Saudi Arabia - fly
SALON Gold Medal: HONG LI - China - Mother and son
SALON Silver Medal: Hussam Alabdullatif - Saudi Arabia - Ambiguity
SALON Bronze Medal: Kai Lon Tang - Macau - Rainy Mood


PSA Gold Medal: Danny Yen Sin Wong - Malaysia - Balance
PSA Silver Medal: Hon-Kwong Lee - Hong Kong - The Sixth tube
PSA Bronze Medal: Marina Krstic - Macedonia - Creeps
PSA Honorable Mention: Abdulla AL-Mushaifri - Qatar - Take Me Home Bw 
PSA Honorable Mention: ibrahim kerem ozturk - Turkey - Mill hand boy
PSA Honorable Mention: Bernd Mai - Germany - walk this way
UPI Gold Medal: HONG LI - China - Hard study
UPI Ribbon: H.W. CHAN - Hong Kong - Progress
UPI Ribbon: Yury Pustovoy - Russia - Myanmar fishermen
IAAP Ribbon: Tomasz Okoniewski - Poland - little miss
SALON Gold Medal: Viesturs Links - Latvia - WEREWOLF
SALON Silver Medal: Livinus Bleyen - Belgium - Spotted Eagle Owl
SALON Bronze Medal: Andy Polakowski - Wales - Travelling Hopefully


PSA Gold Medal: HONG LI - China - Village barbershop
PSA Silver Medal: XIAOHONG CHI - China - rhythm
PSA Bronze Medal: Abdulla AL-Mushaifri - Qatar - Open Sesames 
PSA Honorable Mention: Wu-Hsiung Yang - USA - Making Vermicelli, Taiwan
PSA Honorable Mention: Bernd Mai - Germany - Magic Mountain
PSA Honorable Mention: SUK YIU LAI - Hong Kong - THE OLD BRIDGE
UPI Gold Medal: Seng Huat Phua - Malaysia - WORK ALONE COL
UPI Ribbon: Jesus M. Garcia - Spain - Red Cabins
UPI Ribbon: MAN YU, ALEX FUNG - Hong Kong - Lighting Flower
SALON Gold Medal: Leonid Goldin - Israel - Early Morning
SALON Silver Medal: Dao Tien Dat - VietNam - TRADITIONAL CAREER No 2
SALON Bronze Medal: Wilson TS Teo - Malaysia - Flying Boat


PSA Gold Medal: Ron Tear - United Kingdom - Calving Glacier and Kittywakes
PSA Silver Medal: bob devine - United Kingdom - goshawk 1
PSA Bronze Medal: Jong Il Lee - South Korea - Winter Trees
PSA Honorable Mention: JIANYONG ZHOU - China - Rob food
PSA Honorable Mention: Lajos Nagy - Romania - Bee eaters with grasshoppers
PSA Honorable Mention: Zee Kek HENG - Singapore - Look for food
UPI Gold Medal: YI WAN - China - indomitable
UPI Ribbon: Marc Anagnostidis - France - Agrion Jouvencelle
UPI Ribbon: Tommy Pedersen - Sweden - Arctic Tern
IAAP Ribbon: Man-kui, Wisely Ng - Hong Kong - Family Gathering
SALON Gold Medal: Roger Jourdain - France - Chacals A Chabraque No1
SALON Silver Medal: Eng Siong Yeo - Singapore - Crossing the River 4
SALON Bronze Medal: Kam Chiu Tam - Canada - To the South


PSA Gold Medal: Dr RASHID UN NABI - Bangladesh - POVERTY
PSA Silver Medal: Avishek Das - India - The Tough Ritual
PSA Bronze Medal: Mohammad Boqrais - Kuwait - Poverty Hostage
PSA Honorable Mention: Hussam Alabdullatif - Saudi Arabia - Makkah 1
PSA Honorable Mention: Alois Bernkopf, Dr. - Austria - Natalia_1
PSA Honorable Mention: Dragan Prole - Bosnia And Herzegovina - After the war
UPI Gold Medal: Oleg Kutskiy - Ukraine - Woman and man...
UPI Ribbon: Eng Siong Yeo - Singapore - Gymnast
IAAP Ribbon: Leonid Goldin - Israel - Black cat
SALON Gold Medal: Gerhard Boehm - Germany - Ramstein
SALON Silver Medal: Seppo Peltonen - Finland - Farewell to Husband
SALON Bronze Medal: Kam Chiu Tam - Canada - Running for life


Fotografije su autorsko djelo. Autor zadrzava sva prava. Nije dozvoljena upotreba fotografija i video materijala bez saglasnosti i dozvole autora. 

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